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Green People's organic skincare for men

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Organic skincare brand Green People has released a new line of skincare and beauty product for men.

The men's skincare market is booming at the moment, with sales of products targeted at men rising sharply and the market set to be worth upward of $150bn in 2022.

Men are the new frontier for skincare prodcuts; for the most part we are behind on our daily skincare regime and those of us who have one are probably not using products which are as good for the environment as they are for our skin.

The market for organic skincare and beauty products grew by a quarter last year, but with the men's sector still playing catch-up, the time is ripe for a proven brand like Green People - which has been making products like this since its founder was shocked by the lack of organic skincare in the mid 1990s - to seize the moment.

The full range includes more than 20 products, ranging from deodorants and face scrubs to hair styling and beard care.

Products were supplied by Green People. All opinions are mine and the post is not sponsored.


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