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Groom it like Beckham

"For me, grooming is not about how you look, but how you feel."

This is how David Beckham has introduced his new skincare range. After many years atop the style lists, Beckham has decided to put his face at the forefront of his own skincare and grooming brand - House 99.

Celebrities on skincare and beauty brands are not a new thing, but Beckham is one who has probably earned his spot. If anyone is going to inspire chaps in the UK to want to look like them it is David Beckham. I know, I know, there will be lots of people having a go, but he's a pretty big deal and, like it or not, lots of people do aspire to emulate him.

Now the sarongs and his-and-hers leathers are gone he is a fairly reasonable style guide for most men; the Brylcreem and tracksuits have been replaced by motorbikes, leather jackets and the odd double-breasted suit jacket.

But Beckham's new brand has tapped into two things which could make it a success whether you want to look like him or not. First off the brand presents itself as Beckham's style "meets the heritage of barbershop techniques". The promo pics are all grain and mono colour schemes which invoke images of barbershops of old. The classic and throwback look is very in vogue at the moment, don't believe me? Look how often you can find traditional men's shaving items on offer in stores and menswear areas.

Secondly, Becks is looking to create a community. Nothing says smart publicity like tapping into Instagram's power, but House 99 is overtly aiming for that market. Beckham teased the brand on his Instagram account and the "house" in the name is, in Beckham's words: "Because my goal is to build an inclusive community through the brand." For those of you wondering, the "99" is because 1999 is the year Beckham got married, his son Brooklyn was born and Manchester United won the treble.

So what does one need to look like Becks? Well, the 21-product range includes skincare creams, beard balms, shaving foams, haircare and styling options and - possibly unsurprisingly - a tattoo moisturiser.

The brand motto is: "Gentlemanly. Addictive. Clean. Masculine." Whether it will take off, only time will tell, but good aesthetics and the Beckham brand might just make this a winner.

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