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Havaianas: A tribute to summer's hottest footwear

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Those of you who know me will be aware that I have a long-standing love affair with Havaianas.

I bought my first pair while travelling when I was 19 (because I'm a massive cliché sometimes) and they are now my default footwear setting for summer.

The moment the sun breaks over Britain my staple look takes a sharp turn towards aspiring beach bum, with a collection of board shorts, t-shirts and a pair of trusty flip flops never far from hand.

The basic reason I love Havaianas is they are super comfortable and they are often simple enough that you can chuck them on with anything and it will work just fine. For a while I had a pair with yellow soles and blue straps and it still worked.

This year I was delighted to see not just the rest of the world catching up, but the online fashion set joining the party too. Less than a week ago Vogue listed Havaianas among their Must-Have Sandals of the Summer, that's quite a progression from the days when I was asked if I owned any, quote, "proper shoes".

Granted not everyone is getting in on the party. The Times called, well, time on what it branded "Haute Havaianas" a few days ago, but if I'm honest, I'll use The Times for many things, but I'll stick with Conde Nast for fashion trends.

As with many things, it was the Scandinavians who kicked off fashion's new love affair with my favourite summer shoe. They were all doing it at Copenhagen Fashion Week last summer, in what many thought was a "micro trend", but the return this year has put the iconic Brazilian flip flop right at the top of the list for easy summer shoes.

The brand itself is not resting on its laurels. On top of collaborations and colourful new designs, which are perfect for anyone grabbing a last bit of summer sun, they also offer fashionable favourites including espadrilles and a range of pool sliders which have been all the rage this year.

Founded in the 1960s, Havaianas were inspired by Japanese Zori sandals and quickly became hugely popular in Brazil. The compnay has become a glboal brand thanks to the colourful quality and some well-placed partnerships, such as supporting the Brazilian football team. Today the sandals are still manufactured in Brazil and the company works with conservation organisations in the country, donating money to causes including protecting the oceans and rainforests.

So if you're planning on grabbing a bit of late sun, or hanging around the UK - you know that late summer is going to land as soon as school starts back - grab yourself a pair. I haven't regretted it in the last decade or so and I'm not givng mine up any time soon.

Promo pics courtesy of Havaianas on Facebook

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