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A Highland swing

"To mountain spring, To river flows, Where the heather and the thistle grows..."

I saw that on a poster a couple of years ago and never really got it. Until now.

Despite Scotland being attached to England and ostensibly only a few hours north, I had never ventured up there. But last week work took me to the Scottish Highlands and now I cannot wait for a chance to go back.

I was based in Craigellachie, in the beautiful Craigellachie Hotel.

It is a delightful little boutique place with decor which calls to mind a high-class mountain lodge, with wood-panelled bars and books lining the walls, along with these brilliant dog drawings.

Downstairs, the Copperdog restaurant really is something special.

Just a few steps from the front door was the River Spey. It flows through the whole area and offers some of the water used by the distilleries which populate the area.

Unfortunately, since this was a work trip, I hardly got to enjoy the surrounding highlands, but it is definitely on my list to go back.

And as soon as possible.


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