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Holiday dreams: Scuba diving in Gran Canaria

My list of places I want to go is already pretty impressive, but I think it just got one name longer.

In a couple of months Spain will open its first ever dedicated scuba diving resort and when "spend your days underwater visiting shipwrecks" is on the bill you know you just might be onto a winner.

The spot, located in Puerto do Mogan, has 20 dives sites, ranging from 12m to 30m with some 70m spots for deep and tech divers. It is also set up in a pictureqsue fishing village with 14 different apartments.

One of my favourite things about this, at a glance, is the fact that all the staff, from chefs to managers, are apparently divers themselves. The place is also eco-friendly and takes care of the oceans by banning plastic straws and cups at the resort, using ethical, eco-friendly products and asking divers to collect beach rubbish.

I have never dived in my life, but it ranks alongside climbing as one of the things I really want to have a go at.

The resort is run by Blue Explorers, a dive company which has taken more than 10,000 divers into the deep. The beauty of the location on the islands of Gran Canaria is you can go there all year round and it is only a short hop from the UK.

With a series of one and two-bed apartments and trips including safaris to the volcanic landscapes and sunset boat rides and whale-watching tours this one just jumped right up my list.

For more, take a look at the Blue Explorers website.


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