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How to open a bottle of Champagne

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

There are a few skills you really should master just in case you are ever called on to use them.

I would put opening a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco right up there with changing a tyre or a lightbulb in skills you want to have mastered should the situation arise.

Many of you in the UK will be aware that Love Island finishes tonight. Over the last couple of months, the show has given us lots of shots of people on lovely dates in glamorous settings, complete with bubbles and glasses.

Then this has happened (13 seconds in).

That is embarrassing. And look at the young lady's face - not impressed. Even ignoring all the obvious, crude "sorry it went off early" jokes, the ability to control a bottle of Champagne as you open it is appealing.

Also, spraying it everywhere is wasteful. You're not in Formula 1.

Anyway, here is the easy guide to opening your bubbles without any hassle.


> Don't shake the bottle. This above all else, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

>Check it is chilled. If the bottle is damp, from a bucket or condensation, then wipe it.

>Carefully remove the foil.

>Carefully take off the metal cage. Be gentle at this point and make sure you are pointing the cork away from people and glassware.

>Hold the bottle at 45 degrees, twist the bottle - not the cork - slowly until you feel it start to give.

>Once the cork starts to move guide it gently out of the bottle. Don't fire it.

>Keep the bottle at 45 degrees for a couple of seconds after the cork is out.

>Pour it.


It really is that simple. Go and grab a bottle and try for yourself.

All photos courtesy of those fine folks at Pixabay

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