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Introducing The Rake Values

Fashion is expensive. It is a well-known, thought little-discussed truth of the stylish classes that looking good, on the whole, takes money.

There are stories of those who have pulled off a brilliant find hand have managed to come out looking like they have just rolled out of the front row at LFWM for the cost of a Nandos, but it is very rare. On the whole, buying well-made and good-looking clothes takes investment. And so it should, what you are buying is carefully crafted art and deserves to be treated as such.

But this price means that for many – myself included – many of the items we see lauded on the pages of glossy magazines are simply aspirational pipe dreams. In itself, that is OK; glossy magazines are a wonderful form of escapism into a world we don’t inhabit every day and which, on occasion, we get to grab a taste of. But the problem is that much of this beautifully crafted dream materiel also goes to waste. Fashions change so quickly that the clothes in question are no sooner the hottest item in town then they have been replaced.

So it is with great joy that I applaud The Rake on the launch of its new project The Rake Values.

For the uninitiated (first, please get yourselves initiated) The Rake is a men’s lifestyle magazine which encapsulates perfectly that sense of high-class aspirational living which makes you hope that turning its very pages will take you closer to the reality within.

Since I first read it the magazine has brought a wealth of new brands, artistes and people to my attention, many of whom you will see referenced in different places across this blog. But it has all seemed blissfully out of reach.

That is a sentiment Rake founder Wei Koh, with the foresight of a man who would launch such a magazine, touches on in his article announcing the launch of The Rake Values.

He explains: “Because of the seasonal nature of luxury menswear, often times unsold garments are cleared off the shop floor and languish out of sight and out of mind in the dark recesses of a warehouse. We feel that this is a great pity. Because for every well-crafted and beautifully styled garment there is a consumer with the potential to treasure it as a beloved staple in his wardrobe.”

He calls these new shoppers “Emerging Traditionalists”, but admits the new offer caters to everyone who is conscious of value in these times of upheaval.

Spending a few moments drifting through the pages of The Rake Values – which you can do here – you can see the stunning array of items on offer.

These boots? I have come back to these Belsire boots about four times already.

Or how about a Grenfell waxed jacket? Or a Rubinacci white linen shirt.

Maybe these chocolate brown loafers from Alodd.

In the current climate, where sustainability in all its forms is becoming paramount, initiatives such as this should be welcomed and supported – not just because it makes what you see on those glossy pages just a bit more accessible, but because it is tackling the waste and excess the world needs to address at every possible turn.

And, speaking as one of the “Emerging Traditionalists”, I applaud the team at The Rake for this initiative – thanks.

Visit The Rake Values here and click on the images for more on individual products.

All photos courtesy of The Rake.

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