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John Wick 3: Parabellum new trailer has landed

The new trailer for the third John Wick film has arrived - and life is not getting easier for our favourite formerly-retired assassin.

The John Wick series took me by surprise. I didn't pay much heed to the first one when it came out. Then I saw it on a plane and was hooked. I loved the second one and have been chomping at the bit for the third.

Creator Derek Kolstad has made an entire world of criminals and institution which is slowly being revealed across the series and that alone is enough to keep me hooked. Keanu Reeves (who I am not always a massive fan of) is brilliant and some of the supporting characters - Ian McShane leading this list - are moments of genius.

Thankfully, many of our favourites make a welcome return in this one and it looks like McShane, alongside fellow scene-stealers Lance Reddick and Laurence Fishburne, are not just back, but on our outcast hero's side. With Halle Berry also joining the team and what could be a scenery-chewing turn from Anjelica Huston, I really cannot wait for this.

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