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London’s first permanent vegan butcher

Calling all vegans: It’s time to take part in that old ritual of popping down to the butcher.

I’m a carnivore, always have been, and I used to love running to the butcher shop in my home town to pick up a couple of steaks and some sausages. In recent years, as regular followers of this blog will know, I have fallen in love with and moved in with S, who is a vegan. This, in turn, makes me a vegan – essentially.

But the joy of the butcher shop has now been returned to other suffering carnivores out there, thanks to the folks at Rudy’s Vegan Diner.

On 1 November – or World Vegan Day – they will open the doors of the UK’s first permanent vegan butcher in Islington.

Selling produce including vegan bacon, lobstah salad and chick’n lover pate, this butchers looks worth a visit for the names alone. The brains behind it have earned rave reviews for their vegan diner and to mark their new venture they have released kits which give you everything you need to create your favourite Rudy dishes at home.

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