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Megxit is coming – and I don’t care

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The world is burning, World War III is trying to kick off and Hollywood is being called out for woke hypocrisy - but the world is going nuts over Harry and Meghan’s retirement.

So far, it has sparked two hashtags, endless column inches and enough Twitter outrage to keep Piers Morgan happy for a short while.

It even stopped us discussing which Harry Potter character Instagram said we are, for crying out loud.

And among all the vitriol, support and endless rolling news coverage, I have realised one thing: I’m not really bothered.

If obsessing over royals is your hobby then fine, but it is not everyone’s. My mate loves trains; he doesn’t expect you all to get as angry as him over the new paint job on the flying Scotsman.

The Royal Family are an institution and if William or Charles was chucking it in, I could understand the coverage. Not necessarily the level of reaction that would spark, but at least the news coverage. But Harry is what? Sixth in line to the throne.

He’s never going to be king and his wife wants to go back to her celebrity life. Fine, let them get on with it. It is going to have less than no effect on my day-to-day life and – more importantly – the day-to-day life of 99% of the people raging about it.

Let’s be real about this, if Harry and Meghan are costing the taxpayer less money then fine, if they think they are going to escape the flashbulbs of press coverage they are probably wrong – the world’s interest in celebrity lives goes well beyond the Royals.

Indeed, if we are lucky, this just might usher in a new golden age of Royals jet-setting to the Riviera and swanning about on yachts. Then we can all get cross about the effect they are having on climate change. At least that matters.


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