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Millenial Gent: Year 2

Welcome to the second year of the Millennial Gent. It’s weird to think I kicked this off a year ago and I’ll be honest, I have just indulged myself by reading back across a few posts from the last 12 months – it’s a fun stroll down memory lane.

But there is no time for looking back, I’ve got big plans for Millennial Gent’s second year and they start….now. I’ll be honest, productivity has dropped off a little in the last few weeks (sorry). Life gets a bit hectic at work and blogging can get pushed to the side a little bit. So, to stop that happening I am putting together a plan for Millennial Gent’s second year.

The first part of that is the new section you might have noticed on the home page – Millennial Gent Style.

If you know me you will be well aware that I am not in a position to be dishing out style advice. In fact, this section is rather the opposite; standing 5’5” and being on the slim side can make finding clothes a bit of a pain for me, so this section will take you through my attempts to find the best options for those of us who might find clothes shopping a bit tougher.

On top of that there will be plenty more travels, experiences, musings – and more than a few drinks along the way.


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