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Millennial Gent Awards 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We have reached the end of 2019 and 2020 has dawned. So it's time for a very swift look back at the year that was - and what we can learn from those people who took the ride with us.

Hardest Worker in the Room - Dwayne Johnson

The artist formerly known as The Rock to wrestling fans seems to never stop. Through his - no doubt carefully curated - Instagram account, Johnson keeps the world updated on everything from movie projects and sponsorship deals to new product releases and his upcoming tequila.

Whether Jumanji and tequila are to your taste or not, there is no doubt that Johnson has worked incredibly hard for his very successful year.

Influencer - Greta Thunberg

In a world dominated by Instagram, Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has taken her influence well beyong social media - in fact, she went all the way to the United Nations.

She has (somehow) divided opinion, as if climate change was something we can't all get on board with. But whether you approve of her methods or not, you can't argue that going from personal protest to the face of a world movement is influential on a whole other level.

Style Icon - Richard Madden

Photos from Instagram

Last year he was The Bodyguard, early this year he was one of the faces of the hit film Rocketman and now he is a bonafida menswear icon and perennial Bond contender. Stylewise, his year has been mostly tailoring - and that incredible Donatella Versace tux was a particular high point.

Proof, if it were needed, that confidence and fit are everything.

Artist - Stormzy

With actors, musicians and artists making waves around the world, Stormzy has made his mark with not just an incredible second album, but taking a stance on social and political issues as he makes the most of the platform his impressive talent affords him.

His headline set at Glastonbury was also something special to witness.

Breakout Star - Michael Spicer

Simply put, the funniest political and current affairs satire of the year. Michael Spicer was the true star of the UK election and made himself so popular that the Prince Andrew interview prompted so many demands for his work that it must have maxed out his notifications.

With the political and global landscape not looking any smoother as we roll into 2020, we can hope to see much more from this man. Follw his YouTube channel here.

Being a gentleman - Ovie Soko

Anyone who watched Love Island this year (and yes, I did) probably fell in love with basketball player Ovie Soko. From his array of hats to his totally unfazed approach to, well, anything, he was a cool breeze of brilliance in the madness.

But his defining moment came when his partner India became the focus of a row between another couple which quickly turned into a feeding frenzy. Ovie strode into the middle of the scene, took India's hand and led her away without a word. Don't get involved, but look after those who matter to you. Ovie, we salute you.

All photos are from the respective winner's Instagram account.

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