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Millennial Gent Diary

So, it has been a while. Sorry. Sometimes life drifts along and sometimes it come in droves – and it has been flying lately.

I’m not complaining; it has been a maelstrom of deadlines, work trips and holidays. But it hasn’t given me much time to speak to you guys, so apologies. As an example, I am writing this sat in Heathrow Terminal 4, waiting for a flight to Moscow for 24 hours, before returning to the UK for four days and then jetting out to Cannes for a week. As an aside, Heathrow Terminal 4 is not the airport’s most exciting, if you are looking for breakfast give the Prince of Wales a miss. The avocado toast (millennial cliché alert) is, at best, mediocre.

But, I digress. Here is a quick whip through the last few weeks – some of these will become blogs in their own right, but I am getting caught up.

A wedding in the Alps

Mountain air and confetti were on the menu as one of my best friends from uni got hitched in France. S and I flew into Geneva and hopped up the mountain to join the festivities. It was – I think – only the second wedding to ever take place in the village of Flaines, but the ski town provided the perfect backdrop and there was early-hours dancing as we marked the arrival of Mr and Mrs Grey.

Chivas hits gold

Chivas XO is a dream. Pitched as a whiskey for the younger market, who can shot it if they want to, it is a true delight. Pernod Ricard are pushing something new in the spirits market at the moment with this alongside the revamped Lillet, which will provide the perfect tipple for the last of the summer’s sun. Grab yourself a bottle of this if you can.

Deadline dreams

The October Cannes show is the busiest time of our year and we had three magazines to get to press in time for it. So there were a few long nights and concerned faces as the whole thing came together. I’m working with a new team at work these days and it was good to see everything come together in the end. Roll on the Riviera.

Amsterdam getaway

S and I escaped the pre-Cannes, pre-term madness with a few days in Amsterdam. It was all fairly well behaved, but I do have to recommend the De Pijp region, just up beyond the canals. Away from the Red Light District madness, it is a haven of vintage stores, coffee shops and markets. We also found the best ice cream shop ever. But that’s another story.

Tequila time

If you find yourself in Spitalfields Market, I have a bar recommendation for you – Bar III. But more to the point, I have a drink recommendation for you – the tequila highball. Some of you may know I am a long-time fan of tequila, as both a sipper and a shooter, but this was its apex. This version is a blend of green tea, honey and essential orange oils and it is divine. New long drink of choice? I think so.

So, that’s a nip through what I have been up to, normal service will resume now. Also, Millennial Gent is nearly a year old and I have some changes planned for Year 2, so stay tuned!

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