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Millennial Gent Year 4 - Introducing Short Man Style

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I can't quite believe it's been four years since I started this blog. In the last few weeks I've been pretty quiet as work and the rest of life got in the way, but if ever there was a time to get my stuff in order again then it is now.

And I have some fun plans for the year ahead. The biggest of those is Short Man Style.

I have been scribbling bits and bobs about style on here for a while. As a short guy, I am well aware of the challenges those of us who are lacking in stature can have in finding clothes, especially on the High Street. More to the point, there is a real lack of information and guidance online.

So, here is my attempt to do my bit. I have laid out the basic idea behind Short Man Style before, but it will be a mix of tips I can pick up, brands that cater to the shorter man and my ongoing attempts to demystify sizing.

There will also be any guidance I can grab from actual experts and the world's most stylish short men. All of this will be under the style tab and on the dedicated Short Man Style Instagram account.

But if short guys in clothes is not your thing then have no fear, there will still be ramblings, travel, coffee, food, booze, snippets of culture and any cool brands I can find to share with you all. Everything you could want for a few minutes' down time.

Anyhow, it's time I stopped writing about what I'll be writing and actually did it. I'll try and make Year 4 a bit more exciting that Year 3!

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