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PSA: The world doesn't suck

This morning, a campaign spearheaded by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford convinced the Government into a U-turn on free school meal vouchers for English families this summer.

And for the first time in a while, my Twitter feed was not a dark pit of negativity and bile which I hated looking at but simply could not turn away from. There were a few chinks of light. Then, just beneath the surface, there were more.

The US Supreme Court has supported the LGBTQ+ community by rejecting suggestions from employers, and President Donald Trump, that a law which prohibits discrimination based on sex also includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Doctors in Oxford have found a simple drug which could have great positive effects against Coronavirus.

Suddenly the world looks a little bit brighter.

Don’t get it twisted, racism remains rife, the world is still in the grip of a deadly pandemic which threatens both lives and livelihoods alike and the mushroom cloud of political tribalism has effectively decimated any semblance of sensible and constructive debate, but there is light.

Noticing the positives is not a way of downplaying the problems we still face and the challenges we must overcome, in fact it is an inspiration to do so. If the world is all bad, then what is the point in making it better?

But the good news is that the world is not all bad. Positive things are happening and if they can happen somewhere then they can happen anywhere.

If you’re looking for another spot of light then check out Take Five, it is a little does of the upbeat dropped into your inbox every week.

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