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Putting the fun back into blogging

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I’m sick of typing. I’m bored of sitting in front of a screen watching words and sentences form, all while wondering whether anyone will bother to read them and, if they do, whether they will like them. Or even care.

This sort of goes with the territory of my day-to-day job. I am a writer. I’m a freelance journalist, PR and – most recently – Chief Content Officer. That all sounds great fun, and it can be, but it means that by the time the working day ends I am utterly sick of my laptop.

That is not great for blogging. Indeed, it’s a real stumbling block.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Millennial Gent. I love discovering new things, brands and place to talk about. I am genuinely passionate about trying to find sartorial options for shorter men as part of Short Man Style. But getting the time to put those thoughts down and make them read well and look good all feels a bit too much like work at the end of a day.

I’m not after sympathy. Goodness knows no one is forcing me to write this and I am pretty confident no one’s life would be impacted if I let this blog sit dormant for years.

But the truth is I don’t want to.

I wrote recently about an article from the British news website The i, by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, about indulging your passions. It tied into one of my favourite life lessons ever, from the Australian comedian Tim Minchin about the need for people to define themselves by what they are passionate about.

For a long time, I have tried to define this blog by very narrow and targeted characteristics. Trying to work out what might or might not work. And that, in turn, felt like work.

So going forward I am going to try and make Millennial Gent more of an ode to things that, to borrow a Marie Kondo-ism, bring me joy. A space to share things that fascinate or excite me. Some might interest others. Many will appeal only to a select few. Some may not appeal at all. But if it is fun to do then there is a chance it will actually happen.

I have ‘relaunched’ this site so many times with a new plan and the result is always the same. So, for now, the plan is out of the window.

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