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Ready Player One: Nintendo does airport lounges

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

If, as the saying goes, Carlsberg did airport lounges, well they would probably be much the same as actual airport lounges, with comfy chairs and drinks on tap.

But if you are travelling through the US then there is something a bit exciting coming courtesy of Nintendo.

Travel is one of my most popular topics on this blog, but the actual act of travelling itself can be quite divisive. Some impatiently tap their feet waiting to get to the destination and find the whole process quite stressful. Others love every second of the journey – and I am definitely in the second camp.

I love travelling in general and I am a huge fan of airports. This helps, because when I put my grown-up professional hat on I spend quite a lot of time writing about airports and the shiny things which are sold in them. But Nintendo have launched something which might just drag a few of you out of the shops and into the world of computer games.

The Japanese gaming corp are giving airports their own spin with pop-ups in Chicago, Seattle, Dallas and Washington DC. In these new-look lounges you can relax and while away the time until your flight with Nintendo Switch and classic games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Tetris 99 and – my personal favourite – Super Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart sits among my all-time favourite games and one of the top ways to kill time, in my opinion. And for modern travellers, who love a game on the go, these lounges sound like a dream.

Even if you are not one of those who enjoys travelling, maybe these pop-up lounges will provide a moment’s welcome distraction after you get to the airport six hours early – just in case.

They come equipped with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems and the games (which are only demo modes unfortunately) can be played on console or TV. You can even buy a console of your own while you are there – smart marketing guys!

Either way, I am keeping my fingers crossed that these pop up in London’s airports soon and if you are passing through one of these US airports then let me know if the lounges live up to the hype. (Be quick, they are only there until March 29).


Photos courtesy of Nintendo

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