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Royal Wedding style tips

The Royal Wedding is in the bag and hopefully the happy couple have now settled in to enjoy the afterglow.

Behave yourselves.

As I write this the nation's newspapers and bloggers are currently picking through their thoughts on the big day. But I am focusing on one simple thing: what style tips can we take away from this most stylish of days? Some of the most sartorially conscious people on the planet were there. And some of the best stylists were doubtless involved in arranging outfits. So what can we take home?

George Clooney

The dress code for the big day was reportedly morning suits or lounge suits. Mr Clooney went with the latter and did it perfectly. He gambled on a bright sunny day and got his wish. The grey suit is ideal. It dresses up smartly an looks the part at the ceremony, but he will have had the last laugh as the party began - it is much better than a morning suit for throwing some shapes. And rumour has it George picked up a few high profile dances during the evening.

The pocket square and tie are well done. I'm a big fan of statement accessories and si mple suiting for a wedding.

But best of all, Mr Clooney was spectacularly outshone by his wife Amal who looked simply amazing in yellow. And he had accessorised to match. Top tip gents: dress to compliment your lady at a wedding, odds are she will look more impressive than you.

Gabriel Macht

I'm leaving David Beckham off this list and subbing in Suits star Gabriel Macht. The man many know as Harvey Specter nailed the morning suit dress code. The slim fit suit was simple, I adore the double-breasted grey waistcoat and the plum tie adds a nice twist of colour.

If you are going to adhere to a dress code, always do your best to give it you own (subtle) twist. You don't want to look like a sheep.

HRH The Prince of Wales

I was reading a magazine a while ago, I think it was GQ, Im not sure, and they referred to Prince Charles as one of the most stylish men in the world. I balked. Then I thought about it; they're probably right.

Think about the number of times you have seen Prince Charles in photos or on TV. Now think about how many times you have thought he looked badly dressed. None? Ok, so that's how it should be. He has lots of money and plenty of time. but how often have you seen him look drab? Boring? Unremarkable? Never. The Prince is always stylish and sharp, without looking inappropriate for his age or status.

The wedding was another case and point. Grey morning suit stood out from the crowd - as it should. But it was immaculate. The suit itself was a statement so everything else was light and simple. And I cannot stress how much I love a straight-bottom, double-breasted waistcoat.

Ignacio Figueras

Full disclosure: I know nothing about Ignacio 'Nacho' Figueras. I have discovered he is a polo player. But that suit! Not only does it pay into my love for all things double-breasted, but it is so good. I'm pretty sure it is Ralph Lauren. The blue is bright enough to be remarkable, but not so bright it is ridiculous, and like Prince Charles he has let the suit do the talking and kept the rest simple.

You could wear this to any smart event.

Idris Elba

A quick shout out to Idris Elba here. I spend half my time trying to figure out style tips and ideas for short guys (I'm 5'5") so Mr Elba is little or no help to me. But this is simple wedding suiting #101. Navy three-piece suit, navy tie, black shoes and white shirt. If in doubt go classic. This is a perfect James Bond look.

Just saying.

All photos are courtesy of Instagram. Click on the pics for links to the relevant accounts


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