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Sales season is coming - and it's big

Get your credit cards ready folks, big sales are coming - and, weirdly, we've got Brexit to thank.

I was at breakfast with a few folks from the retail industry the other day and we got talking about Brexit (as you do); surprisingly, it turns out the current political climate is set to be good news for shoppers.

Ahead of the expected Brexit deadline in May, lots of brands stockpiled goods in case they could not get them once the UK left the EU. But now that we haven't and there is new stuff coming in, they need to sell them.

This could mean some pretty spectacular sales coming our way this summer, as brands look to shed their excess stock in order to make space - and presumably re-stockpile for the next deadline.

A chap at the British Retail Consortium told me - and a room of others - that the need to get rid of stockpiles will lead to some "pretty spectacular" sales this summer.

The evidence is already popping up: High Street brands such as Topman, Moss Bros, River Island, H&M, Jack Wills and Boden are all advertising their summer sales, some with reductions of up to 60%.

So if you are planning on getting that denim jacket you wanted for the cooler summer evenings - and you should be - then now might be the time. Might I recommend this one?

The photo is thanks to the awesome folks at Pixabay. Give them a visit. Buy them a coffee

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