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Short Man Suits at Moss Bros

Last summer, my little sister got married on a Greek island. As I discussed at the time, this left me with the fun but challenging job of finding a suit to wear in the heat.

With summer coming around again, and the prospect of getting out of the house looming, this seemed a good time to revisit the results of that search.

I have tried linen in the past with limited success. More often than not, linen suits are cut with a looser fit which swamps a smaller frame. Linen also bunches at the bottom, so there is no getting away with it if your trousers are too long.

A search on the internet pointed me in the direction of other options for summer suiting – cotton, deconstructed etc – but it was a chat with a member of staff in Moss Bros which put me onto the idea of pure wool.

Done right, an unlined wool suit can be perfectly light and breathable enough to last in even the warmest weather, but it also holds its shape well enough to work on a smaller man.

My final choice, coincidentally, took me back to where I was first put on the wool path – Moss Bros.

It was a double-breasted, slim fit, 100% wool, light blue suit, with a 36” jacket and 28” waist – both short, of course.

The Moss Bros short leg is 30”, but the cut of the suit sits the trousers high on the waist, so the leg drops right to the ankle. It works best with a loafer or monkstrap, as a result.

Also, as is often the case, the slimmer waist and tighter leg in the cut mean you can get away with a couple of millimetres in length if – like me – 30” is a little longer than you want.

This exact suit is not available on Moss Bros’ site anymore, but their new summer line is out and there are a few options which fit into the same bracket in there - this one is pretty much spot on.

After the wedding, I used the suit for a three-day work event in Cannes, so it travels well and is both comfortable and hardy.

It also works well for a slightly raucous summer evening.

And it does make a good silhouette.


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