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Sneak Peek: Mark Millar's Prodigy 2

I don't talk about comics much on this blog, but they are one of my favourite ways to escape and unwind. When S and I head up to London, Forbidden Planet is among the sites we often stop off at for a browse and to find something new.

A while back, I picked up the graphic novel Prodigy by Mark Millar there. Millar is the man behind Kick-Ass and Kingsman, among other things, and is currently working in partnership with Netflix to create new stories and projects for both book and screen. One of those projects is Prodigy.

The first book was great. It centres around Edison Crane, the smartest man in the world. A genius, polymath in the purest sense of the words, Crane is the man governments turn to when they are out of their depth. He helps them in the moments when he isn't solving energy supply problems, composing operas or jumping burning bikes over a row of flying helicopters. In this first adventure he is called in to help thwart an other-worldly invasion after cars keep miraculously appearing with burned bodies inside.

The story is pure escapism and I loved it. Crane is one of my favourite characters that I have discovered in a long time and when Netflix almost inevitably convert him to a live-action character I am really hoping they will at least consider Sex Education's Kedar Williams-Stirling for the part.

But I digress. Excitingly for me, and hopefully some of you, some pages from the second edition of Prodigy have been released. They give us both a look into Crane' personal life and a taste of the adventure to come.

The first part features a lady waking up in Crane's house in a scene rather reminiscent of Leslie Bibb's Christine Everhart in the first Iron Man film.

The second part gives a little taster of the story to come, with Cranefinding himself face-to-face with a foe who may be able to match wits with him.

I, for one, am certainly on board for another Edison Crane adventure.

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