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Stay At Home style icons

Updated: May 24, 2020

Here in the UK we are deep into our second week of mandatory lockdown.

I work from home normally, but I have found that lockdown has put me into a rather different mindset when it comes to how I dress day-to-day. Because I am putting in exercise at different times – and I don’t need to leave the house – my homewear has been at risk of slipping into something resembling my uni days, when joggers, hoodies – and poor hair colours – were all the rage.

Thankfully, for all of us, pop culture is chick full of characters who make stay-at-home style look both good and easy. Pens at the ready folks.

Ambrose Spellman

This warlock was doing stay at home before any of us had even heard of it. I’ve written about why Ambrose from Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the world’s most stylish warlock in the past.

The key to Ambrose’s cool is that he never looks slovenly. Whether he is in a dressing gown and vest or a shirt and scarf, he looks like he has chosen his look and is the master of wearing his clothes, not letting them wear him.

Ferris Bueller

Technically, Ferris Bueller is a terrible example for us all right now. He is supposed to stay at home and sneaks out to have adventures. For the record, do not do that. While the leopard-print vest is a dream all of its own, Ferris showcases the best in breakfast wear early on int the film. Take your tips from this man and enjoy your breakfast during your domestic confinement. And get yourself a good dressing gown.

The Dude

Jeff ‘The Dude’ Lebowski breaks the cardinal rule of Stay At Home style: You must stay at home while wearing it. That being said, if a dressing gown is not really your style, his chunky knit and lounge pants aesthetic is comfort personified. White Russian optional.

Gerry Jeffers

Big, stripey pyjama goals here from Claudette Colbert’s character in The Palm Beach Story. One of cinema’s early examples of the benefits of stealing your significant other’s sleepwear, this is also a shining beacon of relaxed fit but well-made pyjamas and their uses outside of sleeping.

Van Wilder

This is not about the togas. Or the streaking (though if that’s your vibe in the privacy of your own home, so be it). It is not even about Ryan Reynolds’ collection of very late-90s/early noughties ‘long sleeve under short sleeve’ t-shirt combos in National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Party Liaison. We all did it.

No this is more the look you want for that Houseparty meet-up where you want to prove you are mastering the Stay At Home lifestyle. The equivalent of going out for drinks and proving you’ve had a very busy and important day, Van Wilder’s roller disco look is try-hard layering at its best.

Leonardo di Caprio’s Romeo

Discard the bedwear or knits and throw on a Hawaiian shirt. Maybe crank the heating up a notch. With the barbers all closed this haircut might be making a comeback too. Cigarettes and tragic love story, not required.

Kitty Pritchard

Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight here giving us all the Stay At Home and live your best life tutorial. Dress to the nines and recline on your bed. Who is going to judge?

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