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Strolling at Polesden Lacey

Originally written for Great for Groups

Once the home of an Edwardian hostess who entertained everyone from royalty to celebrities, the National Trust’s Polesden Lacey is now a haven of peace and beauty just a stone’s throw from London

Nestled in the green rolling Surrey countryside, just outside the M25, Polesden Lacey is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll.

On arrival we passed through the courtyard and popped our heads into the café to be greeted by a delightful offering of tea and scones. Deciding we needed a walk before refreshments my partner and I passed through the shop and into the incredible gardens surrounding the property.

One either side of the path, banks of wildflowers guide you down from the entrance towards the manor house. A particularly nice touch is the ‘keep off’ signs, which are garden forks and spades stuck into the banks with hand-written chalkboards on them.

With the summer sun high in the sky we decided to head away from the house and into the gardens. To the south of the property a wide lawn breaks away down a hill providing a picture-perfect picnic spot with a view over miles of the surrounding countryside.

After taking in the landscape we headed along the graveled paths, past stone statues and into the immaculately maintained gardens. Here pristinely laid out flowerbeds are navigated by walkways overhung with climbing plants. Benches in flower-laden alcoves create the perfect spot for a quiet moment to appreciate the beauty and the work which has gone into it.

Heading on from the gardens and over a small bridge we reached the more rustic area, where green paths are mown between swathes of rough country grass. At the end of the walkways wooden benches provide respite for explorers who have struck out this far.

As the afternoon began to cool we headed back towards the house, only to discover a wedding party was taking place on that day. There was only one thing for it, tea and cake in the courtyard while my partner planned a complete revamp of her own garden based on what she had seen.

Polesden Lacey view

For opening times and details of special events visit the National Trust's Polesden Lacey website

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