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Sunset over the Downs

This post was supposed to be titled "Nerd Prom" and be celebrating S and I enjoying a night out for her work - but I forgot to take enough photos of us to merit that.

Luckily, Mother Nature came to my rescue.

Last night S and I got all dressed up and headed up to Epsom Downs for a school ball. It was a lovely evening.

We pitched up for champagne on the balcony as the evening set in, before dinner and speeches took over.

Half way through the food there was a lull in proceedings. As the usual rounds of gossip and small talk struck up I noticed people were starting to abandon my table and head back out to the balcony.

S and I followed to see what we had missed and were greeted by this.

Epsom had given us a real show to end the day.

Within a few moments the whole outside area was filled with guests snapping away. There was even a queue for the best spot.

We did line up for our turn, so here is the token 'nerd prom' pic of the night.

#photography #personal

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