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Tailored advice

It was with some excitement and interest that I opened Mr Hikmat Mohammed's article in a recent edition of the Mr Porter Post entitled 'What I've Learned About Dressing As A Shorter Man'.

To be honest, the title gave me mixed emotions: I was pleased that finally mainstream publications and actual experts were offering advice tailored to the smaller man, but struck by the realisation that an insights from someone of Mr Mohammed's quality and understanding would make my ramblings here a little redundant.

However, the article followed a path which those of use on the shorter end of the scale know all too well - tailoring.

Now, there can be no doubt that tailoring is a vital and very useful tool for smaller men. It is a good way to get off-the-peg clothes adapted to suit you and provides a solution to the obfuscations of S, XS, XXS and (goodness help us) XXXS sizing. But it is also not really an insight. I mean no disrespect to Mr Mohammed and it is refreshing to see a gentleman such as him step up and give his advice on what to look for or ask for from a tailor. But that is not a solution for the person on the street.

Tailoring is just one idea and it does not circumvent the endless challenges in finding fits that small men face. I was, if I'm honest, hoping for insights on cut or form. On how to accentuate length in some areas and hide a lack thereof in others. More than anything, I wanted some thoughts on what styles and trends translate and which ones do not.

I would love to be able to promise I will bring you all of those things here. I will do my best.

For those who have not seen it (and I would certainly recommend getting your hands on a copy of the Mr Porter Post), Mr Mohammed's article does offer some useful and important pointers:

> The benefits of 'boxy' uppers with a fitted ensemble

> A well-crafted "pinch of imperfection" is fine if it's intentional

> Explore Italian and Japanese brands

> Tuck your hem when trying clothes

Make sure to follow Mr Mohammed on Instagram and in his written work. He knows far more about all of this thank I do and his social media is a great example of dressing well with a short stature.

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