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Testing trends from fashion week

Pics credit to Shannon Flanders, Topman, Rowan Row, KRXU and Oliver Spencer

The great and the good of the fashion world are currently in the midst of a whirlwind tour which kicked off in London with #LFWM last week and has since rolled into Florence, Milan and Switzerland...and counting.

As ever there have been a lot of new looks and style ideas for AW19 pouring out of the shows through the websites and Instagram accounts of those in attendance.

As a high street-shopping chap standing 5'5", I usually view these upcoming trends with a slightly amused smile. That which suits the model types on catwalks and in fashion shows does not often translate to me and my ilk.

But what if it could? What if it were adapted to meet the requirements of the shorter man?

I've picked out seven trends which have popped up, which I will give a go ahead of the next season.

Checks Starting simple here. Checks are pretty ubiquitous and it is easy for the shorter among us to adopt a checked shirt alongside our taller friends. Checked shirts are easy. But why go easy? Last Christmas I was given a checked bomber jacket, a la Ryan Gosling in Driver, I really wanted it to work. It didn't. Statement check coats featured with Oliver Spencer and Nicholas Daley in London, but they can pose challenges by drawing attention to a wearer's lack of height.

Harry Potter scarves These have been widely championed and touted by GQ Style and Grooming Director Teo van den Broeke - and I love it. I am a big scarf fan and any excuse to tackle on oversized, wraparound layer sounds good to me. There might be a bit of a 'kid who nicked dad's clothes' risk, but we'll see.

Tailoring In a world of unstructured and relaxed attires, the shorter among us should rejoice at any return to tailoring. Whether it is the slim-cut black tailoring of Prada or DSquared2 or the more classic look of Per Gotesson and Daniel W Fletcher, the return of well-fitted clothes is one I'm rejoicing over. Wave goodbye to the dad's suit look and get something that fits.

Puffa This 90's throwback look was everywhere, but padded Puffas can create an interesting look if you lack the stature to carry them off. The Michelin Man is not a good look. It will be one to tread with caution.

Knitwear Autumn knits are not a new thing and are already a staple for most. Statement knitwear - but not that statement - was popping up around and could offer a nice change from work to casual wear. Fit will be the key to avoid looking like a psychedelic sheep threw up on you.

Oversize coats These weren't just on runways, they are already all over street style too. Finding one that gives you room without completely swamping would be the ideal. In my experience thus far, the more features the coat has to its design, the better it works on a smaller wearer. The obvious advantage is that some normal coats can have the same effect.

Chunky boots In black mostly. I'll start with this one. Don't wait until next season, go out and get some now. Not too huge, you don't want to look like a clown. And, if in doubt, lace-ups not Chelsea boots.

Credit to Shannon Flanders, Topman, Rowan Row, KRXU and Oliver Spencer for the pics in the cover image.

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