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The colours of London

If you're in London right now then we can agree on one thing - it is a bit cold and miserable.

Before Christmas the cold, dark evenings have a certain romance about them. It is the frosty nights before Christmas, where lights twinkle and lovers scurry through the streets huddled together against the cold.

But that is all over. The decorations have come down (or they should have) and the dark nights are just cold and wet. It can't just be me, I am sure it is raining more.

Many of us will have already turned our attention and expectation to the summer and seafront getaways awash with sun and shimmering heat.

But I was up in London for a meeting the other day and the city is giving us one last winter sparkle.

I met a client for lunch on the riverfront at the Oxo Tower and then headed across to Covent Garden to meet S for a drink. As the sun went down it did rather light the place up.

Well played London. You even make grey look good.

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