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The launch of Method & Madness Gin - VLOG

The craft gin segment is booming today - and now there is a new player in town.

Irish Distillers, who are the Pernod Ricard-owned outfit responsible for Jameson Irish Whiskey, launched their new gin just outside Cork in Ireland recently and I tagged along with a few other journos to try it out.

A bit of background, for those who are interested, the Method & Madness was first produced in 2017 by Irish Distillers as a way of trying out new ideas for whiskey making. It has now been expanded to the gin sector to take advantage of both the gin boom and Cork's history as a merchant port and producer of gin.

With 16 botanicals, this gin is dangerously easy to drink neat (yes, really) and mixes beautifully.

Find out more about it here

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