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The Rock's Teremana tequila is coming

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Tequila fans, mark March in your diary. That is when The Rock's much-promoted Teremana tequila will touch down.

I wrote the other day about the fact that tequila is one of the trends I think you want to be watching out for in 2020 and Dwayne Johnson's foray into the market is one of the big reasons. Not only is Johnson a PR machine with a veritable Midas touch at the moment (come on, Hobbs & Shaw should not have been that much fun), but this could be the release that changes the game for tequila.

Too hopeful? Stay with me.

I have no idea if Teremana is any good. I'm backing Johnson's personal investment in the brand, but the key thing is that it is reasoanbly priced - looking about $30 a bottle - and will be pushed to the sky by Johnson and his team.

This means people will try it and that means...they might actually like it. I have been considered a madman for a while by people I know for championing tequila. But the truth is that well-made tequila, not shotted with salt and lemon but sipped like it was supposed to be is really good.

My money is on Teremana to be the brand which proves that to the wider market. And that is potentially big news for the sector.

Speaking of big news, in the last day or so news outlets have reported that Johnson and Teremana have signed a distribution deal with Mast-Jagermeister. That is a company which knows how to market a brand and just might be the winning combo to take Teremana over the top.

Stay tuned. Glasses at the ready.


Photos from Dwayne Johnson's Instagram account.


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