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Timex gives style a Batman twist

If you are looking for a new day-wear watch, Timex might just have answered your prayers with this, the Allied Three GMT 'Batman'.

Earlier this year, Rolex caused a stir at Baselworld with its GMT Master II (126710) in Batman colours. Before it launched, the watch already had three years of backorders, making it almost unobtainable for most of us.

But Timex have created a solution - and I'm not sure it isn't preferable.

This stunning piece is the Timex Allied Tree GMT in blue and black Batman colours and it has hopped right to the top of my horological wishlist.

The bracelet version is priced at £169.99. It features 24 timezones, Timex's proprietary movement design, a stainless steel case, Indigo light-up dial and is water resistant up to 100m.

It has already been touted by some as "one of the best-looking" Timex's ever - and just to add a little sweetener, it is available with a leather strap too, priced at £159.99.

So if you are looking to ad to your watch collection (and frankly, who isn't) head this way and take a look.

I doubt you'll be disappointed. Do you have a tip for a great watch? Let me know.

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