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To Do @ 32

Today I turned 32. I’m told (by my boss about two hours ago) that 32 is “a good one”. It’s like 27 apparently. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Anyway, last year I posted my list of 31 Things I’ve Learned, so it only seems appropriate to fashion that into a set of principles going forward for this year. Simple things that I’m going to try and do better.

There is an honourable mention for this list: the blog. Yes, this blog. It deserves more love than it has got, so I am going to try to be better.

But here we go with five guiding principles to follow in my 33rd year.

Slow down

I don’t mean this in the “you’re getting older, take life easier” sense. There are far too many adventures out there to be had for that.

This is mainly to be considered in conversation. Don’t panic. Don’t speak too fast. Relax. Consider. Reply. Taking a moment lets you appear more in control than speed and stumbling.


I’m crap at staying in touch. It’s weird for someone who woks in a communication industry (I’m good at keeping up with contacts) but my capacity for staying in touch does not extend well into my private life.

So first off, apologies to those I’ve been crap with. I’ll do better.

Quality not Quantity

The wardrobe of Primark white shirts and draws of budget t-shirts are out. If I have learned one thing from both S and my slight shift towards a style consciousness, it is that you are better off with a few, high-quality choice items, than with a mass of cheap ones. Keep it limited and statement.

Take care of yourself

Having scoffed for years at skincare and healthcare routines, I have now become a convert. It is in part down to seeing first-hand the benefits of simple things like moisturiser and water when flying.

Anyway, regular exercise, sensible diet and taking care of both skin and my general physique seems like a good investment.

Treat yourself

Finding the fun in everyday is my big one here. Just making sure that small details like picking an outfit are fun. Or create five minutes for a cup of coffee and a magazine. Turning the mundane into a treat is my top ‘To Do at 32’.

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