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Tom Holland as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It appears that being Peter Parker is not franchise potential enough for Tom Holland. The incumbent Spider-Man recently reignited his web-slinging career after Fox and Marvel stopped throwing their toys out of their respective prams and did a deal for more Spidey flicks.

But Holland has got another iconic character in his locker too: Uncharted’s Nathan Drake. Gaming fans will know Drake as the swashbuckling treasure-hunter who stars in the enormously successful Uncharted games series.

Now we know how he will look in the role, thanks to a photo Holland posted on Instagram.

As with every successful gaming character, talk of a film kicked off years ago. But it looks like it is finally coming to fruition.

Holland is set to take the lead alongside Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Sully. Considering both protagonists are younger than their in-game counterparts, I assume we are looking at an origin story here. So, buckle up for a franchise.

I really like this casting. Some will say Holland is too clean for Drake, but I’d expect to see him evolve into the grizzled adventurer we know, a la Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider. Either way, there will be lots of wise-cracking and swinging from stuff, so Holland should be right at home.

The film is due next summer, but who knows if that will come to pass.

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