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Top books, film, music & TV of 2020

Culture has never been more important than it was during this year. Ironically, at a time when the arts were being widely abandoned by politicians here in the UK, they were also providing an escape, a salvation and a lifeline to so many.

Artists of all disciplines have been forced to modify their creative output to the mediums available to them and the results have been inspiring. While streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ have pushed out content at a record rate, other companies have gone above and beyond to provide diversion for audiences and work for artists. From The National Theatre's streamed performances, to The Staves' front room concert or this year's digial Glyndebourne event, we have been treated in a manner which shows that arts are not just vital, but that even at the toughtest of times they go above and beyond to provide us with everything we could need and more.

With lots of time cooped up at home and (if I'm honest) curled up on the sofa, I have had plenty of time to scoop through films, TV series and books over the last few months. Below is a list of a few favourites. I warn you, my tastes are not always that refined and I make absolutely no apology for that.


Main image created by Marisa Sias on Pixabay.

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