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Trump’s second term agenda is bonkers, but it could win

Election fun is in full swing over in the US and that means that incumbent President Donald Trump is marching down the road towards a possible second term.

An election and a campaign for the White House mean that Trump needs a manifesto so his supporters can rally round his causes and know what he stands for. And he has provided one. Sort of.

Released on Sunday, on Trump’s personal website, the Agenda is less a manifesto than a list of wishes and goals. There are no mentions of boosting racial equality, addressing social divides or tackling climate change. However, the list does include such gems as “Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon and Send the First Manned Mission to Mars” and “Develop a [Covid-19] Vaccine by The End Of 2020”.

Written in bullet point form, this comes across less as an agenda for a Presidency and more as a random Christmas list scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet.

The list makes clear that four years in the White House has given Trump no concept of what is required to, well, be in the White House.

But make no mistake, this is not a ridiculous document and it very much could drive Trump to another four years in power.

Dismissing Trump as an ill-qualified and rambling publicity maniac was the Democrats’ undoing four years ago.

You may think Trump is an idiot (he isn’t), but those around him are certainly not. This list is not just Trump coming up with ideas at the very last moment and there is a very good reason why it is written in bullet points.

This is an easily digestible list of ideas which many American citizens will love. Conquering Covid, putting China back in its place, teaching “American Exceptionalism” and winning the space race are ideals which large chunks of America’s ‘silent majority’ will love.

The list comes with no details or strategies for them to wade through. It is simple and easy to consume. This is the fast-food politics which Trump has thrived on. It may not be good for you, but it is popular.

Trump never has to bring these claims to life. If elected, this would be his second term. He cannot have a third and he does not care if his Presidency makes life very difficult the next Republican hopeful.

What is more, many of these claims are ones which Trump will be able to say he has achieved, regardless of the facts. Creating 10 million new jobs in 10 months and 1 million new small businesses (both in there) are things which will happen outside of the President’s scope. That way, if it doesn’t happen Trump can claim it’s not his fault.

Political realities are not an issue here. This election, for Trump, is a popularity contest. At the moment, he is a beauty pageant contestant saying his Christmas wish is world peace. He is not required to deliver it; he just wants the sentiment to bring him the crown.

Lord save us from that bikini contest.


Mr Chatterbox is the Millennial Gent opinion column.

Photos courtesy of Donald Trump's Twitter and Instagram accounts

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