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Waffles and truffles at Monty Bojangles

The weather has taken a turn for the cold and wet recently. The best thing to do at this time of year is find a nice warm spot to curl up for some refreshments.

This morning S and I headed out to Reigate in search of brunch. After wandering along the High Street in the drizzle for a while we passed by Monty Bojangles. This truffle-based cafe opened in the town a few years ago and offers an array of chocolate based meals and drinks.

After choosing a hot drink to drive off the cold, we turned our attention to the menu. There is a collection of sandwiches or crisps, but they did not seem what was required on a chilly day. There are also warm options including crumpets and waffles which you can pair with one of the range of truffles on offer.

S picked the crumpets, while I went for the waffles with the nutty truffles.

The interior is cosy and decorated with pastel colours and wood. The tables line up on either side of the eating area and the bar at the entrance is aglow with bright colours signifying the different truffles, all of which can be bought in packets to take away.

A few minutes later we were set up in a corner watching a whippet try and climb onto its owner's lap while we sipped coffee and talked about what to do with the rest of a wet day in Surrey.

Then the waitress appeared with our brunch. My waffles were beautifully golden and crispy with truffles melted into the squares.

It could not have felt more decadent as we ate, but it had the advantage of not making you feel like you have just done a whole Christmas day in one sitting.

If you're in the area and want either a cup of coffee or a sweet treat, give them a shout.

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