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We need to talk about Boris Johnson's suit

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Do you remember when Theresa May took over as Prime Minister? With Brexit newly confirmed and the UK naming its second female PM and the second un-elected leader of the country in less than a decade, there was one thing dominating most of the headlines. Mrs May's shoe collection.

Indeed, as she left Downing Street last week, much of the mainstream media (and the self-appointed social media) spent time on a retrospective look at the outgoing Conservative Leader's footwear.

There are numerous very relevant points to be drawn about the portrayal of women in the press and the public eye, but as Mrs May slunk away and our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson bustled into the frame, I couldn't help but ask one question: Why is no one turning the sartorial looking glass on him?

This man was educated at Eton and Oxford and has been in the public spotlight for many, many years now. So, I don't care what you say about his bumbling facade being a perfectly orchestrated act, the man should know better than to have the bottom button of his suit done up.

Undo your jacket's bottom button Mr Johnson.

When wearing a single-breasted suit jacket, the rules are pretty simple: If there is more than one button, the bottom one should never, ever be done up.

It looks scruffy and gives the jacket the impression that is does not fit, because it will move in an unnatural way as you move while wearing it.

Obviously, different jackets have different number of buttons, so:


One button: Always done up

Two button: Top one done up, bottom one never done up.

Three buttons: Best remembered as (from the top down) Sometimes, Always, Never.


If you want an easy visual guide, let me point you to Suits' Harvey Specter. The man is the master of doing up his jacket for dramatic effect.

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