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Welcome to Bali

We touched down in Bali 48 hours ago and it's safe to say both S and I are in love. Not only is this one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, but the people are lovely and the food is to die for.

Getting into Bali is not that easy - the immigration queue was about an hour and a half, but once we escaped the airport we were whisked off on an hour's taxi ride north to Ubud.

As the scenery around us turned a lush green we got the feeling we were close.

And this is our home for the next week or so.

It even has an outdoor shower.

Day one took us down into Ubud itself - the walk through lush forest is just incredible and could have been lifted straight from an Indiana Jones film.

And it beats the walk to work (Sorry Croydon.)

For now we are relaxing and planning our excursions.


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