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What we learned at LFWM

The world's most stylish and style-conscious people breezed through London this week. For three days over the weekend, the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane was the centre of the fashion world as London Fashion Week Men's (aka #LFWM) moved into town.

The parade has already moved on, with Paris, Milan and New York on the itinerary for the coming days and weeks. In London, brands and fashion houses took the opportunity to show off their key pieces for Spring/Summer 2019 and while much of what is on show is the epitome of high fashion and haute couture, there are some very savvy pointers to take from London.

Sustainability is key

Speaking to The Guardian, GQ Editor Dylan Jones talked about the importance of creating a more environmentally conscious fashion world. He aimed his points at the High Street and the 'buy cheap and often' approach. It is worth bearing in mind. When you buy something, make sure you are not going to need to replace it in short order - waste needs reducing on every front.

Short shorts go 'boxer'

Prada and E Kautz led the way in redesigning shorts and swimwear. If, like me, board shorts remain a staple summer item you might need to look at grabbing something slightly more traditional. Short shorts are ubiquitous this summer and next year they are set to get lighter and more underwear-esque. To make life simple, get yourself some well-fitted plain and short ones.

Shirting is getting an overhaul

This is a tricky one for the shorter men among us. Judging by the runways, shirts are about to move beyond the traditional fitted options with bowling shirts and oversized Oxford shirts making a number of appearances. These blocky and large offerings will swamp the smaller man and make you look badly dressed. Maybe dip your toe in with a more relaxed fit and go from there - louche and loose was everywhere at LFWM too.

Keep co-ordinating

It might seem like a massive faux pas, but matching shirts and shorts has not gone away, and it doesn't look like it is going to any time soon. Ironically, trying to dip you toe into this one is worse than going full hog. A matching navy t-shirt and shorts will look like you are in a romper - Orlebar Brown's being the exception here. If you're going to go for it, commit, but make sure you're in a sunny place.

Vest up

David Gandy at Belstaff. That is basically all I am going to say here. The runways featured a fair few takes on the vest for next summer and Mr Gandy showed perfectly how it should be done. obviously it helps if you look like him too, but we can't have everything.

Get a rugby shirt

This is a great return for British summertime, where a rugby shirt helps navigate the changing temperature better than a t-shirt or jumper. Two simple tips, from years trying to wear them as a teenager, match it with plain shorts or trousers and get one that fits - or get it fitted.

Photos courtesy of GQ on Instagram


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