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World Book Day: Who would you be?

It is World Book Day today. Now the snow may have put a stop to some of the festivities and I am sure there were some mini Mary Poppins' running around homes unable to get to school.

But the idea is fun isn't it? Dress up as your favourite book character and go about your business as usual.

Then one of my friends on Facebook had an idea - Grown-up World Book Day. Let adults don the attire of their favourite book character and go to work as normal. Tell me that your bank manager dressed as Noddy or checkout workers as the Three Musketeers, or your boss as Lisbeth Salander wouldn't be brilliant.

So who would you be?

For myself, I've got my top 5 worked out.


The journalist/adventurer created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé is a long-standing hero of mine. I may have referenced him when I went for my first journalism job. I got the job, by the way. What is not to love - besides the positive outlook and adventurous spirit, Tintin goes all over the world, meets amazing people and does very cool things.

Paddington Bear

Regular readers of the blog will not be surprised to see this entry here. I have written before about why I think Paddington is an example to us all. The marmalade-loving Peruvian teaches us to always be prepared, to always question something and to always keep a journal. Also, look at him, he's adorable. And in this snow the duffle coat and boots would be a bonus.

The Artful Dodger

When I was young I wanted to be the Artful Dodger more than anything. The cheeky chappy thief was a fun idea and I so wanted to play the part on stage. But that never happened - until a couple of years ago, but that is another story.

AJ Raffles

Ok, this is just an excuse to dress up for an occasion. Also it's possibly just the Artful Dodger, but grown-up. But at least if you go as gentlemen thief AJ Raffles it looks like you have put in a bit more effort than a James Bond costume. If you've not read the books, he is a cricket-playing gentlemen who supports himself by carrying out ingenious burglaries.

Dickie Greenleaf

Yes he dies (spoiler alert), but Dickie Greenleaf is just so brilliantly devil-may-care, he loves jazz, lives life without consideration and has a wardrobe to die for.

So who would you go as?


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